segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010


There's always more than one path or no path at all, the windows and doors can be all open or you can find yourself locked in a room without sunlight. It's up to you to choose how you wanna see the world.
Me... I just bought a par of glasses.

quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010

Earth Hour 2010.

I visited one of the blogs I like the most two days ago, the Algumas Obeseracoes, and the newest entry in there talks about something I'm really into: The Earth Hour.
So, I asked my friend Fernanda to let me spread the word around here as well, using her post as the inspiration, so here it is:

"Em março de 2010, o Brasil participa oficialmente da Hora do Planeta. No sábado, 27 de março, entre 20h30 e 21h30, diversos ícones do País serão apagados por uma hora para mostrar a nossa preocupação com o aquecimento global.

No Brasil, o apagar das luzes representa um sinal claro aos governos de que a população quer o fim dos desmatamentos, responsável por mais de 70% das emissões de gases do país. Também significa que o Brasil está alinhado com o resto dos países participantes, que também clamam pelo controle das emissões de forma a manter o aquecimento global em torno dos 2°C, como preconizado pela comunidade científica.

"On March 2010, Brazil officially joins the Earth Hour.
On Saturday, March 27th, between 8:30pm an 9:30pm, the most famous points on the country will have their lights turned off to demonstrate our worry about the global warming.

In Brazil, this shows to the government that the population wants to put an end to the deforestation, responsible for over than 70% of the gas transmission to the atmosphere in the country.
It also means that Brazil is with the others countries involved on the cause, crying out for the control of the gas transmission so that the global warming can be hold around 2°C, recommended by the scientific community."

If you are in Brazil or whatever other place in the world, join us on the Earth Hour and turn off your house, enjoy a romantic dinner with candles or put the fireplace in action. It's just for one hour but it can make a hell of difference.

quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2010

The Angels on the Way.

"She was sitting at the hospital with her mom, dad and grandma.
She was in her early teens, so young for so many things but ol
d enough to live and suffer all that.
She saw a little boy, her brother's age, coming on their direction, running all happy in front of his family. Behind him came his happy mom watching her ki
d, and even a little farther, she saw herself.
- "Little Brothers" her other self sai
d. - "It doesn't look like a few hours ago he was coming in crying" the girl smile and left.
She felt better. For some reason that was everything she wante
d to her to make the bad feelings go away, for some reason she knew things were going to be ok."


"The guy was waiting for that chance for a long time. It woul
d change his life in a way he couldn't even picture.
He looke
d around the room, trying to feel what the other people, his rivals, were feeling. Everybody looked more prepared for that than he was. His hands started to shake. He closed his eyes. Breathed nervously.
The la
dy who was cleaning the room came closer to him and, with one hand on his shoulder said he was going to do great. He smiled at her, and she smiled back making him believe he was good enough.

When his name was calle
d he stood and came into the room."


Or Angels just nee
d two seconds, a strange face and some confort words to operate their miracles. "