sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2009

...And then she went away.

"The couple fought everyday. About the laundry, about their pet, about the way they made love.

He wanted her to be the maid, she wanted him to be the man. He wanted her to listen, she wouldn't stop telling him to shut up. He wanted kids, she, that he was able to stop playing the "Damn video Games".

They weren't alike, didn't have the same goals in life, even the taste for food was different. Sure there was love there somewhere, but the "Mr. Love" knew how to find a good place to hide like no one else in the middle of that mass of fellings.

They started to work late, travel for business, have important family dinners at the same time, with both families. They were never together anymore. It helped.

But one day, she came home early from work, he was already there. They talked, without arguing, and decided what was best.

...And then she went away."

domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009

Where do we go from here?

"She was the oldest daughter, the one supposed to be the whole model, the one whose everybody expected the most not to fail.
Had all the opportunities to be big: traveled to places in order to learn and grow, had the fanciest classes, private teachers, had everything...

Suddenly, one day, she realized she didn't want any of that, it didn't felt right... Then, looking a little deeper, she noticed she didn't know what she wanted. All the knowledge, the experiences, were not good enough anymore, she didn't know what to do with all of that, she felt lost and afraid of what was coming.

So, she started just to be, to exist, waiting for the voice inside her to call and show her the way.

Days passed, years, and she was still stuck in that cycle of not-living. She was wasting the life God gave her just waiting.

Then she packed. Not much, just enough to survive, grabbed the backpack and some little money she had and left. Not knowing where to go or what to do, she left, just for the urge to move and to fell the felling of doing something, looking after the calling that couldn't "talk".

Still, she didn't find anything, still she's looking for something she does not know how it looks like, but now, after some time on the road, she's learning to keep the eyes open, to enjoy even the wrong way, to enjoy just the felling of living the journey..."

terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

Sweet Dreams

"The girl lived in a farm.
For all her life she saw the same places, the same faces, the same sun rise and set.
She was as happy as she could be, with her big family dinners and crowded Christmas mornings. But she still had her dreams, where the lake was not part of the scenario.

She wanted to see the world, go to the famous places she saw on TV late at night, be the model she's been practicing to be ever since she started to walk.
So one night, right after she turned twenty-one, she packed her bags, kissed her siblings goodbye, received her mother's blessings and left.

On the big city she found a job in a restaurant, found someone to share the rent, learned how to drive... Her dreams were so close now.
That life was not easy, but everything she had was paying off.

Soon she started to model, went to the famous places she wanted to go, traveled the world, met interesting people, found love, had kids... She made all her dreams, and more, come true.

Late in life, when she thought she had everything, a new dream found her and she saw herself back to the beginning.

Then one night, right after she turned seventy-one, she packed her bags, sold the apartment on the big city, held hands with her love, and left.

She went back to the farm, where the lake was part of all the scenarios.
She gave to her children and grand children big family dinners and crowded Christmas mornings, knowing for sure that now all of her dreams were finally true, and - oh, she was happy for that."

domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

Gotta Learn to be Myself

"She was staring at the phone waiting for it to ring, waiting for someone to tell her the next step.
Two days passed, nothing changed.

She was running out of time, and the destiny that seemed to be the right one for her was slowly slippering between her fingers.
It only depended on her, she was the one to save the day, for the first time, she was her own angel and demon, the one to help her to find her way or lose it completely.

It took her two weeks to finaly get the nerve and go for what she wanted.
She got off of the plane and breathed deply the air she new she missed. She was home. After a long vacation, that's how she was felling: safely back home.
Unfamiliar faces all around, faces that she knew she could trust. This time was for real.

She smiled the biggest smile she had had on her face in quit a time, picked up the bags and loaded the car.
The new city was her home now, and she felt it would be everything she was waiting for her whole life.
Finally she was sure where she belonged, finaly she took the step by herself, finaly she realized she had found the person she was looking foward to meet ever since she was twelve, and then she knew she was complete.

In a house that was not hers, in a citty she didn't know the streets, in a strange country with a different language... She knew that that's where she was supposed to be, and once and for all, among everything she was sure she would live... She knew she would learn how to be her real self."

quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

By That Time Tomorrow...

"He was nervous, hardly breathing, even shaking a bit.
He was passing the plan one more time with the so called friend who proposed that to him:
They would come the next day, around that time in the midle of the night, nobody would be there, they wouldn't have security or people to worry about. It was going to be easy and fast.
Nothing would go wrong and he knew it, but even though he was sure of that, something inside of him was telling him "Don't".

The friend said "Relax dude, we'll be fine" and laughted at him for being such a wuss. He forced a smile and walked away, to the opposite direction.
He was in his teens, fifteen, sixteen maybe.

He went back home, where his two baby brothers and his mom were now sleeping, after a long day where the kids had to share something to eat once a day, and the mother had to hide in the room and cry by herself, holding tight to a cross, praying...

Even though he was not sure of what he was going to do, he knew: that would be the last day he would see that. His family needed him.
So he thought that By that time tomorrow...."


"She was sitting on the dark room. Her eyes were green but the red surrounded it due all the crying. The little package was safe in her hands, as if something could happen if she let it go for a little second.

She started to think about her short seventeen years lived so far and a movie started to pass in front of her eyes, even though she was not on her last moments of life.
She saw a pretty little girl, that had all the attention she needed, and that could not be happier than she already was.
She went to the best schools, learned to play the piano, had dance classes...
By the age seven, trophies took the dolls places in the bedroom decoration. When she was eleven she already knew how to speak french and dutch. At age fifteen she was accepted to join a very competitive course at college, and they knew she was underage.

When she was sixteen, she fell in love.
Everything seemed not to be that important anymore and for the first time she felt truly happy. She had everything she always wanted and everything was just one thing, so simple, so small, but still everything.

Now she was holding on to a litte package, that could change her life forever if she was allowed to keep it. But she didn't get to chose it. It wasn't hers anymore. She was supposed to take the plane back home and leave it behind. She didn't want to, but that's what she was expected to do.

She grabbed the phone, and for the first time she made the choice for her own life.

By that time tomorrow..."

There you go.

I finally did it. Created my blog!
Will I use it? Who knows?
I might just end up writing this first post and never remember to come back again... Or not. I might write every single day, as if my life depended on it... Or not.
This is just the beginning, and I decided not to worry too much about what's gonna happen next.

Why in English? I don't know. I think it depends on my mood. Today I'm in an English mood and tomorrow might bring an Italian vibe and I might google the whole text and just "ctrl+v" in here. Who knows?

LIAOR = Life is an Open Road, isn't it? You just have to chose which way you wanna turn and drive passing through the obstacles and traps you might find.
The credits for the name are of a Gloriana's song (The Way it Goes) and I promise I'll try to be as good as I think the song (and band) is.
I chose this name because I'm about (or maybe not) to write things about every road I take in my life, talking about the turns I make and the bad holes I stuble and fall into. I wanna talk about the choises in life (or with icecram flavors) and the innumerous possibilites you have to pick among, what fits better for you.

I don't know if it's going to be good, and interesting, and funny or any of this stuff I like to read in a text, and I don't even know if someone, someday will read this, but the goal in here is to feel better everytime something bothers me, or to remind myself of a lesson I learned that day, or whatever else I think it's important. If it happens to help other people, than YAY!

I just wanna have fun...