domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

Other side.

She just had bad days since her life changed. The pipe broke down, the car recked, the gold fish died. She was a mess, feeling like "no more than nothing" as the song said.
Her mom would call once a week and yell some shitty solutions that'd lead to a shitty life, her best friend would try to offset the situation with some wise words full of knowleadge and she would sit and hear and then spend half of the night awake, staring at the dark looking for some answers.

Count the days as thet passed became to danm hard, so she started to count cars looking through the window of the bus.

After what seemed to be another year, a message came. It was no great message but good enough to make the wheel give one more turn. Things would start happening, flowers would bloom to another spring, life would become liveable once more...

She was laying on the bed, staring at the dark, but this time it was just for a while before she let her eyes shut and her mouth... SMILE.

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