sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2014

27 Changes

The ugly duckling. The funny one. The forever bridesmaid, never bride. The invisible one.
That's how she's always felt her whole life. She felt she needed something more, something to prove that she was not alone and that she was a happy gal. And she waited for that something to arrive. That something, that someone... And it never came.

Days passed, months and years went by, life passed, and she was still looking for that something and praying to God that she would get better, would give 100 percent on everything, would improve who she was in order to deserve what she though He should gave her.

What she never realized was that she only needed herself to be happy. She needed to see her own reflection, to find it beautiful, to make herself smile - and even laugh - and everyone around would feel the same way.

So,  again, she started fresh. Not by trying to be someone she wasn't, like she did before. Not by trying to make them all fall in love with her, like she thought she wanted. Not by chasing something she didn't even know what - or who - it was, just because "they told her so".
She just started again. Pressed the reset button and changed. This time for her and not for anybody else.

Maybe that was the way to change.

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