terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010

"You gotta Stand for Something..."

"...or you'll fall for anything. [Fall for Anything - The Script]"

"Her whole life she tried to please everybody. The little sister always had the nicest toys, the kids at school always got the answer on the test, the best friend dated the boy she liked without her saying a word.

Her life was as empty as it could be. She didn't have anything, never was appreciated for what she had done, never had someone to stand by her.

So she got tired of just being and decided to start living.
She would think on her wishes before asking somebody else's opinion without being afraid to be called selfish. Would go for what she wanted, for who she wanted...

Only because someone told her to stand for something and she realized that, that something, was herself.

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Talita Dione disse...

Amigaaaaaaa....i love it!

Fernanda Rodrigues (Fê_Notável) disse...

You wrote what I needed read =)
Perfect =)

Juhjuh disse...

Oii Jen linda
passando aki, bjks

Julya disse...

I sounds just like me =)

Love it!