quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

"When you get sad...

..May it be only for one day, not for the whole year." [Amor pra Recomecar - Frejat]

"She was felling sad, more alone than any other day. She missed everything and everybody, even the things and people she didn't like. It seemed like all her memories where coming from another lifetime and that in this one she was just that lonely girl.

She felt the tears coming from thinking about the time apart so she forced her mind to go on some other place.

"She was with her whole family in one of those birthday parties, dancing to a song she hated but still having so much fun..." - "It's been a while that I don't allow myself to be silly", she thought.

"She was sitting on the grass with her best friend on a Sunday Afternoon, in front of that place so special, after laughing their asses off on a long car ride." - a smile came.

"She was thirteen, and was singing to a bad karaoke music, in a bad English, while everybody worked to put the house in order... They spent the whole day playing instead and waited 'till the last moment to do what they had to do. It was more fun that way." - She decided to call her friends and spend more time together in the future.

What seemed to be leading to a depressing night, turned out to be the night that brought back special memories that would keep her from being sad for long time."

2 comentários:

Julya disse...

uiaaa fazia um tempao que eu nao vinha aqui hein.

Jenzita, ahazando cada vez mais!
Eu adoooooooooro os seus textos *-*

quero escrever em ingles assim tbm!!!

Nathália disse...

às vezes é assim mesmo, a gente vai se entregando à tristeza, até quando tem algum motivo pra sorrir. e todos temos boas memórias, momentos felizes, que ajudam nessas horas.

muito legal seu blog! já estou seguindo e pode contar sempre com a minha visita =)