sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012

She's in love.

- She's in love.
- She's been in love for a long time now.
He's sweet, amazing, handsome, charming, talented, rich... Every girl's dream.
- She's in love. 

- Ever since she can remember. 
- She's in love.
- He can touch her heart, take her breath away, be the perfect guy.

- She's in love. 
- She's been trying to figure it out, trying to reach her goal, trying to make the change. 
- She's in love.
- He talks with everyone easily, and boy can he talk? He gets you with a look, with his sweet voice, he makes you wanna love him.

- She's in love.

She wants him, wants to get there, wants to make him realize he can only be hers. They are meant to be, as people say, they are the one.
She's just as charming, and talented, and beautiful, and funny as he is. She's everything he could ever want. That's what it is. That's what is supposed to be.

- She's in love.

Not with HIM, but with the Idea of having him. The one that she created so long ago.

- She's in love.

5 comentários:

DaniTheGirl disse...

I don't get it

Juhjuh disse...

beautiful and sad at the same time! :(
xoxo Jen!

Ju Damian disse...

I think I didn't get it either LOL
I'm not very good with poetry comprehension, but still the words sound amazing, Jen :D Love it!

Jen disse...

LOL Ju, you're so funny.
It was too personal, I guess...

Fer disse...

I got it. TOTALLY. Ai, posso comentar em portuga? hauhauhahua Jen, vc escreve muito bem! E achei lindo lindo o layout do blog, já favoritei aqui. Beijoca.