sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2011

New Year Resolutions

- Get thin.
- Have (for at least once a week) the perfect hair.
- Be a better friend.
- Be a better Daughter.
- Be a better granddaughter.
- Be a better niece.
- Open up.
- Get lost.
- Don't hide from myself.
- Feel beautiful more often.
- Don't push things.
- Don't wait 'till the last minute.
- Sleep less. Enjoy more.
- Stop bitching.
- Get healthier.
- Read (AND FINISH) a book a month.
- Buy something for myself every other month.
- Feel happy.
- Learn something new.
- Fall in love.
- Love more.
- Walk my dogs.
- Go to the park with the kids and be silly with them.
- See everyone I love at least once a week.
- Study more.
- Be more perfectionist.
- Lose 40 pounds during the year.
- Go out to dance more often.
- See people I don't see for a long time.
- Go to the beach.
- Write more.
- Buy something really expensive, just 'cuz I can, sice I saved money for so long.
- Cook more.

And a million of other things...

3 comentários:

Fernanda Rodrigues (Fê_Notável) disse...

Jen, you inspire me! :)
I'm sure you will do all these things :)

a great 2012 to you!


Jen disse...

Hey Fê!

Why, thank you!
Hopefuly my words will inspire you to leave better too, as much as they'll make me do it.
Maybe we can reach our goals by writing them down. Give it a try.

Happy O'Twelve to you too!
See you next year! ^_^

Fotos Viviane disse...

I hope can do all this things and I wish the best for you