terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2009

Got to lose some pounds.

"There was a perfect place.
A place where boyfriends didn't cheat, kids didn't have to leave to college, nor get married or grow older than cute little babies.
A place where war didn't exist, hunger was not known and death never had to happen.

You didn't have to leave your loved one, neither they you.
Your job was wonderful, such as your boss, and you'd make enough money to pay the bills, vacations three times a year and still have a little bit to buy a gift for yourself, just to be spoiled.

You didn't have your heart broken a million times, didn't have to cry alone while writing on your diary.
Didn't have your first time ruined by a fresh, young (and fast) boy, and didn't have to fake orgasms years later (because the guy was still fresh and fast even though he wasn't young anymore). Meaningless sex was always about you.

You could eat a bag of cookies and send the fat to that bitch who stole your boyfriend.
Could just seat and watch the gym classes instead of sweating your ass off, or you wouldn't even need it, 'cuz your fat was already with that bitch from before.

You would not feel alone, you wouldn't be scare, wouldn't worry, 'cuz everything was just perfect...


Then there's you, living miles away from that perfect place, with the thought of the first change you gotta make Monday morning, repeating continuously on your mind:
"I gotta lose some pounds...""

5 comentários:

Julya disse...

WOW Jen, I L-O-V-E this text.
Great, great, great!!

Your blog is amazing!
Congrats ^^


Karwan disse...

"You could eat a bag of cookies and send the fat to that bitch who stole your boyfriend. " funny statement, indeed :)

Dani disse...

I'm incredibly happy to say that after 11 whole years I got to that place... Doesn't matter how hard it was, how many times I've tried... One day all that you've carried around with you (extra weight, problems, broken herats) will fall off cause you figured out what made you that way to begin with.... Break the deal (you know what I'm talking about)

Fernando Cazelli Perez disse...

Sometimes that place is just around the corner, my friend

Fer disse...

Woooow, loved it, loved it, loved it a million times! Your writing just keeps getting better and better! Luv Ya :*