quarta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2009

If... The Difference.

"You are alone if you decide not to go to that kid's party, with the clowns and magicians, and children running around... You're lonely if you miss having a place like that to go.

You are alone if your family left to go to that cousin's (who you hate) wedding and you did everything to lose your invitation so that you would be free to stay home... You're lonely if after the wedding, you find the pictures on the internet and spend hours looking at them trying to find a friendly familiar face.

You are alone if you spend Saturday night on the couch 'cause your best friend went out with her new boyfriend... You're lonely if you think that you'd do anything to be with them, even though you would be ruinning their one month aniversary.

You are alone if you decide not to spend the New Year's Eve with your family and instead, be in front of the computer at midnight... You're lonely if all you can think about is that you wanted to be able to hug each and every one of them.

If is a choice you are alone, if it's destiny, sorry pall, you're lonely."

3 comentários:

DaniTheGirl disse...

Nesse vc ta claramente em todas as linhas e eu odiei ter q le-lo e nao poder fazer nada..

"You're not lonely if you know that even from afar people are thinking of you 24/7" ficadica

Karwan disse...

nice, post.

some people are not alone but they are lonely, and some are alone but they are not lonely.

Fê_Notável disse...

now I'm thinking about it... am I alone ou lonely?!!