segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

The Loneliness

"The extra pillow on the bed was decoration during the day and company at night time, something to make the bed smaller.

She was laying there, on a Saturday night, at 9:30pm, thinking about the people in this side of the world, the side where was still Saturday night, that was getting ready to go out for the long night that was coming ahead of them, while she was there already ready for nothing."

"It was her birthday. She was turning 21. The celebration: going to bed at 10:00pm after watching some mexican soap opera with a lady that had passed the day yelling at her.

"21" she though, "Yay" said quietly, laying on the uncomfortable sofa, as one single tear fell..."


"Four monhs had passed, she was still hanging there.
Even the new season didn't cheer her up. But she was stronger than that. She had learned how to be.

The days were paassing fast enough for her to care. Just nine other months, a Christmas here, some birthdays there, no big deal.
She was hanging there."


The Loneliness...

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Dani disse...

I don't know if what I'm gonna say makes any sense with what you just wrote... but I've been missing you like hell...

So many things I wanna tell you and wann do with you, I say it everyday "Eu quero minha Jenja"

Can you come back already??? lol