quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

A LITTLE More for that BIG Love.

He was in his twenties, working at his little job, studying his little thing, living his little life. He always felt that something was missing, so he was always looking for new things to study, different jobs to do, different people to love.
Nothing would quite work too long and the little happiness he felt on the beginning would vanish little by little...

She was also in her twenties, but she was living the big life, the life that could be on the big screen of a big movie theater.
She was doing what she loved, learning what she wanted to learn, loving the way she wanted to be loved.
But that didn't make her too different from him. She was also missing that big feeling, that makes you happier everyday, that makes you want to enjoy every moment and save them on your memory forever, that makes you feel complete...

They met on the bank, he was going to pay his little bills, she was planing a big trip.
They talked during those little minutes they waited, but it felt like hours when they realized how much it was said.
He saw that she had the big dreams he wanted to have, she realized he knew how to take the little steps that leads you to the run...
They just had to find each other, to take the two little broken hearts and make them into a big, big love.

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DaniTheGirl disse...

Beautiful!!! I loved it! Well, just to put my 2 cents in it, I think: "The man that did little things was the biggest love she would ever find and the girl that did big things was the one little thing he was missing."