quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

Every Journey has it's End...

...Here is the end of mine in USA.

For two years I've made myself doubt if I would be able to accomplish what I came here to do. I was.
Two long years, lots of ups and downs.

I saw things I wanted to see ever since I can remember wanting something, met amazing people and, most important, found myself.

I still don't know squad about what I am going to do next, but at least I know how I am going to deal with it. I'm still scared of the future, but now I'm on a place where I can "look fear in the face and say "I Just Don't Care"' as P!nk would sing. I'm more sure of who I am and what I want than ever before. I've got plans, I'm gonna follow them and, I'm not saying I'll be huge, but I'll sure be something big *at least on my own eyes* And I own all of it to these last couple of years and the people involved on it.
Time to go home, unpack once again, have one more first day at work, travel one more time for vacation... None of this it's gonna be for the last time, not until it's time for a new journey to begin...

[To: Mom, aunt and the rest of the "gang", because they believe in me. To host kids, my three little "angels" (Christos, Ritika and Lalith). To the host parents, 'cuz I couldn't ask for better ones (Vinula and Ugandhar). To the new friend who came to save me from loneliness on the second year, Deia. And of course, to the best friend, the greatest one, because if it wasn't for her in my life I would never move my butt and wouldn't be here to start with, Dani. A BIG THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL! ]

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Déia Shu disse...

I'm so sad u are going back. find someone that i could say She is my friend was so hard here..but i've found u!! Thank u for eveything..i know we are almost the opposite of each other but it's just worked.
but i;mhappy cause im sure we gonna see each other again..maybe here or maybe in Brazil. And u will drive me again ahhaahahah and say: do that, don't do this. whatever......

i had a wonderful 6 motnhs (?) with u. thank for all.

(eu sei que ta cheio de erro ai no ingles..mas..quem se importa? auhauiahiauha)

Fernando Cazelli Perez disse...

Be sure that some people will be waiting here, Jen

Talita Dione disse...

Though i wasn't important, i'm glad to know u are comin' back just like that. Knowing who u are and ready to face the world the way you want!

I'm proud of you, Jenza!!!!

Bruno disse...

I hope we can meet someday. Even thought it was a Facebook friendship you mean a lot to me dude ! :)

Fefa disse...

Aff, não consigo pensar em inglês agora..
que lindo post Jenny! Não deve ser fácil pensar que esse capítulo da sua vida vai passar.. Provavelmente o mais importante de todos..


Eu realmente tenho muito orgulho de você!


TayBSBR disse...

OMG ...As everything goes fast in our lives!
The most important that, is you learned about life, about experiences, made new and friendships.
And the best of all, You will keep everything in your heart ever!

We are so proud of you, Jen!


PS.: Sorry pelos erros ai, mas essas horas da noite o sono consome meu cerebro e pensar em inglês eh sacrificio! ohohho

Nane disse...

no time for english ahahahahaaha
Jenzoca MUITO mas MUITO feliz por vc, por td q vc passou, as experiencias, coisas boas, ruins , mas td no final vc certamente aprendeu algo e sem duvidas cresceu.
e que venha o futuro, novas coisas pra vc!