domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011


It starts on a Friday night.

- Going out to dance, stay out till late, go back home and sleep.
- Wake up only 4 to 6 hours later, go out for a beach or a pool, stay there till mid-afternoon then head back home to shower and get all dressed up again. Leave to dance some more, it's only Saturday after all. Come back early in the morning and sleep until very late.
- Wake up for lunch time, and go downtown or to a charming small county, with the water by the Hard Rock Cafe or the Cheesecake Factory's entrance. Then go to a park and walk around, talk, take pictures and enjoy the weather.
- Come home early evening, take a long shower and rest to get ready for the week ahead, waiting to do it all again next weekend. Maybe a little different or just the same way.

Sometimes I miss being the center piece, sometimes I miss making the decisions, sometimes I miss being someone else... Sometimes I just miss then.

2 comentários:

Juliana OLK disse...

sometims i miss being that someone too! miss u here, Jen!!! things get so different because of people that leave... and because of people that come... =/ never the same...

Fernanda Rodrigues (Fê_Notável) disse...

I want a weekend like that...

We should try doing something like this... Can we do it here in SP?