sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2009

...And then she went away.

"The couple fought everyday. About the laundry, about their pet, about the way they made love.

He wanted her to be the maid, she wanted him to be the man. He wanted her to listen, she wouldn't stop telling him to shut up. He wanted kids, she, that he was able to stop playing the "Damn video Games".

They weren't alike, didn't have the same goals in life, even the taste for food was different. Sure there was love there somewhere, but the "Mr. Love" knew how to find a good place to hide like no one else in the middle of that mass of fellings.

They started to work late, travel for business, have important family dinners at the same time, with both families. They were never together anymore. It helped.

But one day, she came home early from work, he was already there. They talked, without arguing, and decided what was best.

...And then she went away."

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Fê_Notável disse...

So sad and so beautiful!
I really like your texts :)