terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

Sweet Dreams

"The girl lived in a farm.
For all her life she saw the same places, the same faces, the same sun rise and set.
She was as happy as she could be, with her big family dinners and crowded Christmas mornings. But she still had her dreams, where the lake was not part of the scenario.

She wanted to see the world, go to the famous places she saw on TV late at night, be the model she's been practicing to be ever since she started to walk.
So one night, right after she turned twenty-one, she packed her bags, kissed her siblings goodbye, received her mother's blessings and left.

On the big city she found a job in a restaurant, found someone to share the rent, learned how to drive... Her dreams were so close now.
That life was not easy, but everything she had was paying off.

Soon she started to model, went to the famous places she wanted to go, traveled the world, met interesting people, found love, had kids... She made all her dreams, and more, come true.

Late in life, when she thought she had everything, a new dream found her and she saw herself back to the beginning.

Then one night, right after she turned seventy-one, she packed her bags, sold the apartment on the big city, held hands with her love, and left.

She went back to the farm, where the lake was part of all the scenarios.
She gave to her children and grand children big family dinners and crowded Christmas mornings, knowing for sure that now all of her dreams were finally true, and - oh, she was happy for that."

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Fernando Cazelli Perez disse...

If our dreams come true, no matter what, our hapiness is neverending.
We can be 21 or 71, nothing else matters