quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

By That Time Tomorrow...

"He was nervous, hardly breathing, even shaking a bit.
He was passing the plan one more time with the so called friend who proposed that to him:
They would come the next day, around that time in the midle of the night, nobody would be there, they wouldn't have security or people to worry about. It was going to be easy and fast.
Nothing would go wrong and he knew it, but even though he was sure of that, something inside of him was telling him "Don't".

The friend said "Relax dude, we'll be fine" and laughted at him for being such a wuss. He forced a smile and walked away, to the opposite direction.
He was in his teens, fifteen, sixteen maybe.

He went back home, where his two baby brothers and his mom were now sleeping, after a long day where the kids had to share something to eat once a day, and the mother had to hide in the room and cry by herself, holding tight to a cross, praying...

Even though he was not sure of what he was going to do, he knew: that would be the last day he would see that. His family needed him.
So he thought that By that time tomorrow...."


"She was sitting on the dark room. Her eyes were green but the red surrounded it due all the crying. The little package was safe in her hands, as if something could happen if she let it go for a little second.

She started to think about her short seventeen years lived so far and a movie started to pass in front of her eyes, even though she was not on her last moments of life.
She saw a pretty little girl, that had all the attention she needed, and that could not be happier than she already was.
She went to the best schools, learned to play the piano, had dance classes...
By the age seven, trophies took the dolls places in the bedroom decoration. When she was eleven she already knew how to speak french and dutch. At age fifteen she was accepted to join a very competitive course at college, and they knew she was underage.

When she was sixteen, she fell in love.
Everything seemed not to be that important anymore and for the first time she felt truly happy. She had everything she always wanted and everything was just one thing, so simple, so small, but still everything.

Now she was holding on to a litte package, that could change her life forever if she was allowed to keep it. But she didn't get to chose it. It wasn't hers anymore. She was supposed to take the plane back home and leave it behind. She didn't want to, but that's what she was expected to do.

She grabbed the phone, and for the first time she made the choice for her own life.

By that time tomorrow..."

2 comentários:

Fernando Cazelli Perez disse...

The second story just seems so real and we see it happening a lot. If people just forget about pleasing others and start thinking for themselves, that would be a world I would want to put a new person in...

Carol disse...

Two good stories.
I always caught myself thinking about my choices.
If I had do this or that, If I had... It's a pack of "if".
The true is that is really hard to make choices. Anytime you have to opt for a direction and this is not a bit easy.
Btw, is like this things are.
Is better to take a crack at something than stay stoped forever.