quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

There you go.

I finally did it. Created my blog!
Will I use it? Who knows?
I might just end up writing this first post and never remember to come back again... Or not. I might write every single day, as if my life depended on it... Or not.
This is just the beginning, and I decided not to worry too much about what's gonna happen next.

Why in English? I don't know. I think it depends on my mood. Today I'm in an English mood and tomorrow might bring an Italian vibe and I might google the whole text and just "ctrl+v" in here. Who knows?

LIAOR = Life is an Open Road, isn't it? You just have to chose which way you wanna turn and drive passing through the obstacles and traps you might find.
The credits for the name are of a Gloriana's song (The Way it Goes) and I promise I'll try to be as good as I think the song (and band) is.
I chose this name because I'm about (or maybe not) to write things about every road I take in my life, talking about the turns I make and the bad holes I stuble and fall into. I wanna talk about the choises in life (or with icecram flavors) and the innumerous possibilites you have to pick among, what fits better for you.

I don't know if it's going to be good, and interesting, and funny or any of this stuff I like to read in a text, and I don't even know if someone, someday will read this, but the goal in here is to feel better everytime something bothers me, or to remind myself of a lesson I learned that day, or whatever else I think it's important. If it happens to help other people, than YAY!

I just wanna have fun...

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Carol future au pair-atual disse...

oh yeah baby huahua i love the way u finished... I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN... of course ok...why im writing in english?! because im writing in english with somepeople here huahaa... vizinha.... eu esperoo q de td certo pra ti e eu sou a primeironaaaaaaaaaaa ahhh sou foda

Dani disse...

Jeez..... Outta the blue!!
Anyways, I loved it, I actually loved your first post, your english is great and your writing is indeed fun.
I think if you you stick to it (the blog) it's gonna be rather interesting to see you talking about thoses choices that we make.
And from what I see you really grew up hella lot from the last time I saw you, at least from when your 1st year ended, you're finally taking control of your own life and it's refreshing for me to watch even from afar.
Love you and miss you too damn much! Way to go girl!

Fernando Cazelli Perez disse...

Yeah, life is an open road. It's like people think about the meaning of life, life has no meaning, life is the road.
The meaning is to love. To love a person, to love a TV show, to love a collection os stamples...

Carol disse...

Hey Jen!
First of all: sorry about my english, you know that i'm not as good at this like you are! =)
Well, I really liked your post!
It's such a good idea, make a blog to write about things that are important to us. Write is by far, the best way to feel better and more that this, is a tool to learn with our own road. the mistakes, the good things, whatevah...The life is an open road.=)