domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009

Where do we go from here?

"She was the oldest daughter, the one supposed to be the whole model, the one whose everybody expected the most not to fail.
Had all the opportunities to be big: traveled to places in order to learn and grow, had the fanciest classes, private teachers, had everything...

Suddenly, one day, she realized she didn't want any of that, it didn't felt right... Then, looking a little deeper, she noticed she didn't know what she wanted. All the knowledge, the experiences, were not good enough anymore, she didn't know what to do with all of that, she felt lost and afraid of what was coming.

So, she started just to be, to exist, waiting for the voice inside her to call and show her the way.

Days passed, years, and she was still stuck in that cycle of not-living. She was wasting the life God gave her just waiting.

Then she packed. Not much, just enough to survive, grabbed the backpack and some little money she had and left. Not knowing where to go or what to do, she left, just for the urge to move and to fell the felling of doing something, looking after the calling that couldn't "talk".

Still, she didn't find anything, still she's looking for something she does not know how it looks like, but now, after some time on the road, she's learning to keep the eyes open, to enjoy even the wrong way, to enjoy just the felling of living the journey..."

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Ana Carolina Oliveira disse...

Uau.. I found a lot of myself in this story.
Discover what we really need to do, what we want is a hard task.
The part of "Days passed, years, and she was still stuck in that cycle of not-living." was really like I've been living lately...
And the worst thing of all is to think that we dont have the courage enough to do what we need to do!
Great post, as always! =)

Dani disse...

Now, that's you... I don't like that you feel that way, I never did... I wish all the things I tell you would make a little spark, and you wouldn't get caught up on "i don't know what I'm looking for". It's the climb, doesn't matter where it takes you, I should know that!

Fernando Cazelli Perez disse...

There is no such things as a bad choice, even for the ones we think are bad we can learn something.