domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

Gotta Learn to be Myself

"She was staring at the phone waiting for it to ring, waiting for someone to tell her the next step.
Two days passed, nothing changed.

She was running out of time, and the destiny that seemed to be the right one for her was slowly slippering between her fingers.
It only depended on her, she was the one to save the day, for the first time, she was her own angel and demon, the one to help her to find her way or lose it completely.

It took her two weeks to finaly get the nerve and go for what she wanted.
She got off of the plane and breathed deply the air she new she missed. She was home. After a long vacation, that's how she was felling: safely back home.
Unfamiliar faces all around, faces that she knew she could trust. This time was for real.

She smiled the biggest smile she had had on her face in quit a time, picked up the bags and loaded the car.
The new city was her home now, and she felt it would be everything she was waiting for her whole life.
Finally she was sure where she belonged, finaly she took the step by herself, finaly she realized she had found the person she was looking foward to meet ever since she was twelve, and then she knew she was complete.

In a house that was not hers, in a citty she didn't know the streets, in a strange country with a different language... She knew that that's where she was supposed to be, and once and for all, among everything she was sure she would live... She knew she would learn how to be her real self."

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Dani disse...

What is this about, it's beautiful, but your stories always get me confused with my reality.